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How to place a Delivery Order

How to place a Delivery Order #

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to place a delivery order. It explains how to navigate through the ordering process, select items from the menu, customize them if needed, add the customer’s address, and save the order. By following this guide, individuals can easily and efficiently place a delivery order without any confusion or difficulty. #


1. Click on the “DELIVERY” button. #

2. After selecting order type click on the “CONTINUE” button. #

3. Click on a menu on the right side. Click on a category to add food items to your order. #

4. Select a food item. #

5. Select a modifier under the Modifiers section. #

6.  Click on the “DONE” button. #

7. To add a note to the order such as your home address of the customer, click on the NotePad icon. Which is shown in the below image. #

8. Enter your note. #

9.  Click on the “ADD” button. #

10. Click on the “SAVE” button to save the order or click on the “PAY” button to pay for the order now. #



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