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   How to View/Print Reports

   How to View/Print Reports #

guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to view and print various reports. By following these simple steps, users can easily access and print sales reports, labor reports, item reports, and container summaries. This guide is essential for anyone who needs to analyze and track data for their business.


1. Click on the “Reports” tab. #

2. Click on the “Sales Reports” tab. #

3. Select the date #

4. Click on the “VIEW” button #

5. Click on the print button #

6. Select your printer #

7. Click on “Print” #

8. Click on the “Labor Reports” tab #

9. Select a date #

10. Click on the “VIEW” button #

11. Click on the “Item Report” tab #

12. Select a date #

13. Click on the “VIEW” button #

14. Click on the “Container Summary ” tab #

15. Select the location of the store #

16. Select the date #

17. Click on the “VIEW” button #


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