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How to place a Dine-In order

How to place a Dine-In order

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to place a Dine-In order. It covers everything from selecting a table to checking out and paying. If you want to easily navigate the ordering process and ensure a smooth dining experience, this guide is for you.


1. Click on the desired table #

2. Click on a category #

3. Click on a item #

4. Click on whole table to change food item to a specific person #

5. Then click on ok #

6. Click add to cart #

7. Click on the plus icon to increase the quantity of the item #

8. Click on a modifier to modify the item #

9. Select the Spicy level of the item #

10. Click on add to cart #

11. Click on send to kitchen/save #

12. Click on save/non course #

13. Once the order is placed the table color will change to red. Click on the table again to checkout. #

14. Click on check out #


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