Kitchen Display System

Stop the chaos in your kitchen! Streamline your operations with our interactive KDS.

Measure, Monitor & Analyze your operations.

  • Only KDS in the market to offer real-time process monitoring & deviation detection.
  • Live interaction between FOH & BOH
  • Automatically sort and organize orders for efficiency & speed
  • Advanced prep routing to correct workstations





Kitchen Workstations

Give full control to chefs

Conntect your Guests & Servers  (FOH) to your Chef (BOH).

By providing real-time interactive communication between FOH & BOH, you can reduce mistakes in orders and allow the chef to cater to every details.

Automated firing by prep time

Queue’s and fires order to  correct stations as they approach their requested time.

Manage scheduled and advanced orders with ease during rush hours. Free’s kitchen staffs to focus on their preperations.

Alerts servers when ready

Our KDS workstations take realtime input from the chef and alerts the FOH on status of each time as they are prepared. Servers can better serve their guest and minimize unnecessary back and forth knowing when the food will be ready.

Data Analytics

Automatically captures and alerts process deviations

Only KDS in the market that offer realtime control chart and deviation detection.

SpiceApp KDS tracks over 6 key method attributes in real-time that controls quality, customer satisfaction and help identify issues before they happen.

Save Time & Reduce Errors

Streamline operation by providing realtime updates to kitchen staff. Your chef can visually find and consolidate preparations to optimize time and quality.  Reduce mistakes from miscommunication and provide exceptional dishes.

Track from start to end

Find bottlenecks and optimize processes. Knowing which items hold the kitchen can allow for better planning and menu engineering. 

Control Chart Process

Real-time control charting of process allows you to detect deviations and take corrective actions before hand. By using a pro-active approach to streamline your kitchen, you can avoid downtime and create stress free working conditions for your staff. 


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Multi workstation support

Maximize kitchen production by freeing up time for front of house operations. Spiceapp KDS allows up to 5 workstations with an expedite screen to easily manage orders. Our expo screens show realtime status of each items, allows to print labels and update order status. 

Prep Timers

Color coded order cards, make it easy to keep track of order priority on busy nights. Our KDS screens sort and organize orders based on their lead time making kitchen work efficiently as orders are rolled out.

Cross off as you go!

Spiceapp KDS reduces the time it takes new staff members to learn restaurant operations. With a simple touch, item status are updated and servers and packaging stations are alerted as needed. The system automatically captures all necessary analytics for the orders, so that management can monitor the process, forecast issues and make ongoing improvements.