Online Ordering

Online ordering designed to grow your revenue!

Increase your margins and own your brand. Allow your guest to order directly from your website.

Online Ordering web app
Build brand loyalty

Engage Your Customers

Convert third party orders to direct orders. Build guest relations and increase brand loyalty. Reach new customers with an engaging user experience.
Increase your SALES

Grow your sales & maximize your margins

Increase sales with promotions, upsell recommendations and easy checkouts. Maintain your margins with commission free direct ordering. Increase repeat orders with automated outreach campaigns.
Streamline Your Operations

Lower Operating Cost & Streamline your Kitchen

Improve lead time and fulfill more orders with direct integration to the POS, Kitchen Displays & Printers. Provide better experience for staff and customers.

Fast & Simple Payments

Easy check out with option to securely save cards for future orders. Realtime fraud protection offers secure hassal free transactions

Offer Coupons & Combo Deals

Create unique combo offers and coupons that best suites your restaurant's audience.

Mobile First Web App

Progressive web application provides mobile first experience for guest without the need to download and install apps.

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