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Engage your customers at every step

Progressive Web App

A mobile-first app that doesn’t need any download. As a result, you can connect directly with your customers to provide a tailored experience. Get more feedbacks and understand each user’s preference to engineer your menu or to run targetted campaigns.

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Improved customer satisfaction = Increased re-orders 

Forecast customer preferences

Knowing your customers and catering to their business is the key to run any business, this is especially true when it comes to food. Foods make people happy, especially when prepared to one liking.  This leads to happy customers and as a result, more recurring orders

You will be able to segment your marketing tools for specific tastes and engineer your menu to fit your audience. This will lower the cost of marketing as you are targeting your ideal customer profile and bring in more organic growth.

Understanding the customer needs and preferences can also help you to dial in your forecast and prepare for just the right business. This will reduce waste by lowering days on hand (DOH) inventory. This approach is also less expensive than trial and error.

Our platform allows you to interactively segment your customers based on their preferences, so you can focus on preparing the best meal for them.

Chef Workflow

Prepare to their liking

Your customers are gonna love your food!

SpiceLevel - Customer Preference

Segment by customer pref

Optimize your menu based on data

Guest Dining

Provide unique dine-in experiance

Improve your online reviews

Automated feedback email

Post-event feedback emails make it easy for customers to provide feedback on their recent orders. This will also allow you to gate reviews and convert them to internal comments, allowing you to take proactive action. 

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