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Product Options Features

Product Options Features #

guide provides step-by-step on how to navigate and utilize various product options. It covers a range of such as enabling/disabling modifiers, spice levels, labels, tax exemptions, POS, kitchen preparation settings, discounts, prep time, expiration dates, and more. By following this guide, users can efficiently customize and manage their product options to enhance their restaurant operations.


1. Click on the item #

2. Enabling Auto PopUp Modifier #

3. Disabling Auto PopUp Modifier #

4. Click here to enable spice level #

5. Click here to disable spice level #

6. Click here to enable print label #

7. Click here to disable print label #

8. Click here enable print label once #

9. Click here disable print label #

10. Click here to enable non-taxable item #

11. Click here to disable non-taxable item #

12. Click here to enable POS only to show item in the POS in the restaurant #

13. If POS only is enabled. Click here to make item available online and in POS #

14. Click here to make item not able to be sent to kitchen #

15. Click here to make able to send to kitchen #

16. Click here to disable preparing status #

17. Click here to enable preparing status #

18. Click the “% discount of price ($)” field and change to a different amount #

19. Click the “Estimated Prep Time (mins)” field and change to a different amount #

20. Click here to enable automatic variable prep time #

21. Click here to disable automatic variable prep time #

22. Click here to enable expiration date for item. #

23. Click here on select expiration date #

24. Select a date #

25. Then click on DONE. Item will be removed from the category on the selected date. #

26. Click here to disable expiration #

27. Click on SAVE after making any changes #



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