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Branded Online Ordering with Web App

Rethink online ordering with a branded ordering system that integrates your FOH & BOH. No app store or installation needed. Customers can place orders with a mobile-first web application.

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Real-time Dashboard

Monitor your operations and manage your locations using a real-time dashboard. EZ Menu is a web app designed to make menu management easy from your phone. 

The dashboard provides an interactive way to dive into your data and make business decisions. Evaluate your menu performance, monitor your order lead times, and manage employees all from one place.

Streamline your process with a data-driven approach


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SpiceApp is build to streamline restaurant operation with a data-driven approach. Our cloud-based application makes it easier for restaurants to implement kitchen management and monitor the process in real-time. Spiceapp workflows are designed to engage customers by connecting the FOH web app and the BOH with our POS application.

Our online ordering web application enhances the customer experience by providing real-time updates on their phone. Store owners are able to control-chart order lead times and turn around time to detect trending patterns in their process. This along with customer feedback data allows owners to optimize and perform menu modifications to reduce waste and increase margins.

SpiceApp provides the edge to lead the restaurant through the fast changes in the industry. Whether you are planning to start your ghost kitchen, add a new location, or trying to catch up with the increased demand from online ordering, our platform can help transform your restaurant to meet your goals.

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