SpiceApp is the all-in-one restaurant platform with a full suite of solutions. We provide a fast, easy to use, reliable POS and integrated online ordering platform that ensures productivity and allows you to streamline your operation.

The online ordering module provides an easy, convenient way for your customers to place orders directly to you, check order status and provide feedback. Phone integration, automated label printing, and kitchen management modules allow for increased order accuracy, turnaround time and happy customers.

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Lean, Intuitive, cloud based point of sale solution for restaurants

Designed with industry best practices & efficiency in mind, SpiceApp cloud-based POS solution provides an easy to use, integrated, and cost-effective solution for SMB’s. We provide a smarter, data-driven, streamlined point of sale solution that helps provide the best experience for your customers.

Grow your business by reducing waste, increasing efficiency, customer service, and customer loyalty.

  • Table Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Upsell Suggestions

Turn your kitchen into a synchronized, well-oiled culinary sensation

Designed to simplify your cooking process, kitchen workstation takes the mental math way from chefs, increase order accuracy and improve fulfillment time. Items from each order are split and shown on appropriate workstations so the cooks know exactly how many of an item they need to put on the grill.

Automated smart labels and the central screen streamlines and ensures order accuracy for taking out and delivery orders while your servers get the notification on their tablet when orders are marked fulfilled by chefs.

  •   Streamline FOH & BOH workflows
  •   Reduce Errors & Improve Efficiency
  •   Track & Improve Fulfillment Times
  •   Recuce Waste, Save money & Go Green!

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iphones two

Rethink online ordering with a branded ordering system build just for your restaurant.

Connect with your customers by offering a intuitive, responsive application that would make your restaurant their kitchen. Increase reorders, invite friends through social media and works across mobile and web alike.

Your customers can now place orders directly via your website or your branded mobile apps. Next generation application provides a unique experiance for your customers, allowing you to increase your online sales.

Interactive Floor Plan

Increase efficiency with our easy-to-use table management system. Take care of what you do best and we'll do the rest.

View live status status of each table, order status and guest info all on one screen. Get notified when food is ready and attend table in more efficient way.



SpiceApp provides various creative ways to engage your customers and understand their tastes. Happy customers mean more positive feedbacks and more reorders. Upsell items to them based on their own taste. With SpiceApp, not only do you really get to know your customers but tailor them with the best service resulting in increased customer retention and loyalty.

  • Smart labels with interactive QR Code
  • Tabletop QR code to personalize Dine-In exp.
  • Predictive upsell suggestions
  • Phone Integration for a friendly ice breaker

Convert customer phones into store kiosk!

Engage and enable dine-in customers. Convert their smart phones into a store kiosk that allows them to call server, check order status, order more items, or to provide feedback .

Simply scan the table top QR code to get connected to the open the app corresponding to the customer table.


Automated Label Printing with Smart QR Code!

  •   Provide Product Details
  •   Get Order & Item feedback
  •   Streamline Operations
  •   Engage customers to use online app

Customer focused features

Connect with your customers


Phone Integration

IOT based caller ID integration

  •   Save Time Taking Orders
  •   Displays customer information at your fingertips
  •   Engage in friendlier converstion
  •   Improve service & increase sale total


Predictive Forcasting

User Insight!

  • • Engage dine-in and walk up customers knowing what they like
  • Motivate Servers: Tip Givers ! Big Spenders ! Recurring besties!
  • Mitigate customer feedback upfront before it hits the web.

  • o Last 5 favorites
    o Order Pref.
    o Last order review
    o Avg reviews
    o Tip pattern
    o Spending pattern
    o Learned predictions


Chili Chat
Live Support

Online Chat - Right from app!

  •   Integrated chat right from app

Services designed for SMBs

We love you, more than our code!

Free Live Online Support

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Social Media Service

Our social media experts can help funnel your data and scale your business.

Spice Chat

We can provide live human suport for your customers whenever they need asistance for as low as $2/hr, so you can focus on your business.

Menu Support

We know you are busy, we are here to support you on your daily chores like update your menus and post offers.

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